Jude Abadi

Jude Abadi is a Canadian cinematographer currently based in Toronto.

She has a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture and started her career as a producer and production designer. She also dedicated her time photographing sporting events like the UFC, and got involved in documenting the human cost of war by photographing refugees. She was shortlisted in the Fine Arts Photography Awards 2014-2015.

She decided to transition into the artistic and more technical side of film and received her Masters of Fine Arts in Cinematography degree from the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. Her mentors include Anthony Richmond (BSC, ASC), and Charlie Rose.

She has worked on several documentaries, short films, TV shows, and feature narratives. She won the Best Student Cinematography Award at the European Cinematography Awards and was nominated for Best Cinematography at the Queen Palm International Film Festival for her work on the short film The End of the World.

She believes that everything is a learning experience so she also works in all departments under cinematography.

She speaks English and Arabic.

For more information on Jude's work, feel free to view her CV and get in touch.

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