Jude Abadi

Jude Abadi is a Canadian cinematographer currently based in Toronto. She is an Affiliate Member of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers (CSC) and an IATSE Local 667 1st AC.

After getting her BFA in Interior Architecture, she became increasingly unfulfilled due to the limitations in the field. She was in search of a medium that would serve as an outlet for her creativity so she took up photography as a hobby. She dedicated her time photographing sporting events like the UFC. She also got involved in documenting the human cost of war by photographing and filming refugees in camps on the Syrian borders with Turkey and Lebanon while on humanitarian aid missions. She was shortlisted in the Fine Arts Photography Awards 2014-2015

Jude was drawn more intensely to film as she came to understand it as the medium of mood, atmosphere, spaces and storytelling. Additionally, her Iraqi-Syrian heritage and a life lived between Toronto, Abu Dhabi, London and Los Angeles, have greatly influenced not only her personal identity, but her artistic and creative drive too.

She started working on short films as a producer, electrician and grip and was the lead Production Designer on Abdullah, an Emirati feature film. These opportunities were rich and deepened her love of film but she needed more.

She moved to Los Angeles in 2016 and got her MFA in Cinematography. She continued to work regularly as both a first and second camera assistant on everything from TV shows and feature films to shorts, music videos and commercials.

She has won several awards for her cinematography on the short film The End of the World.

She speaks English and Arabic.

For more information on Jude's work, feel free to view her resume and get in touch.

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